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Why Live Bee Removal Is the Right Choice

Bees aren't a very popular insect. For some homeowners, these yellow and black creatures cause nothing but frustration and panic. In fact, if you're allergic to their sting, the presence of a bee could even mean real danger. Yet bees are a crucial part of our...

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5 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Throughout San Diego, green-fingered gardeners approach the last few months of the year with an air of excitement and enthusiasm. After all, October, November, and December are the perfect time here for planting a host of incredible fruits and vegetables, including...

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Are Snakes Nesting on Your Property?

If you've been hearing strange noises throughout your home, or you've seen snakes in your yard and feel concerned that some might have made their way into your home, you'll need to act quickly. Snakes sometimes burrow in walls and crawlspaces in a home to nest and lay...

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The Top Pest-Themed Horror Movies

Nobody wants to encounter creepy crawlies in real life, but it’s a different story at the movies. Since many people are afraid of bugs and other pests, plenty of horror movies use them to generate their scares. Read on for some of the best examples that film has to...

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Adios Pest Control

Having bees, rodents, ants, and other pests is terribly troublesome. They make living at home and working in the office uncomfortable as you hear strange suttling from the ceiling, attic, and other areas you do not regularly go to.

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