Thermal Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs easily multiply. It will be harder to exterminate them once they spread. When ignored, bed bugs can develop massive colonies that incubate disease-causing germs. They contaminate everything, from beddings to clothes and food.

We can solve all your bed bug problems. Our thermal bed bug treatment makes the job easier. The precise and direct application of heat techniques handles a year’s worth of infestation in a single session. Adult mites and their eggs fall victim to the targeted, specialized radiation. We use the latest emission systems that provide the most effective level of heat.

We’ve dealt with many cases and complete extermination is always possible. We will also give you tips to avoid future infestation. Adios Pest Control also specializes in the proper treatment of infected bed sheets and clothes. We never give colonies a chance to regroup or reform.

Forget new-age philosophies and quick-treatment techniques; we will give you solutions that work. Our patented heat treatment, along with proper maintenance activities, is what you need. It keeps bed bugs from repopulating and removes the possibility of their resurgence in your home.

It’s time to say goodnight and good riddance to bed bug issues. Contact us and say ‘Adios!” to pests.