Ant Control

For the average homeowner, ant infestations and carpenter ant control can represent a significant issue. After all, ants are social insects that work in colonies — meaning you could easily end up with a swarm of pests foraging on your property for food.

Ant control in San Diego can be a year-round requirement, particularly if you don’t have preventative measures in place to limit your risk of infestation. Various circumstances can attract more ants to your home, including:

  • Areas of moisture
  • Collections of stone, brick, lumber, trash, and logs (perfect for building ant nests)
  • Branches of shrubs and trees growing too close to walls
  • Cracks and openings in the exterior walls
  • Bark chips and mulch surrounding the home
  • Vegetation in the border surrounding your property

At Adios Pest Control, we not only remove ants from your home, but our team of qualified specialists will also pinpoint the supplementary issues that may have caused or exacerbated the infestation, to help you prevent further issues.

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, our comprehensive pest control maintenance programs will help you to banish ants and other insects for good. We offer organic solutions to treat your property twice a year, for long-term carpenter ant control — giving you peace of mind no matter the season.

Your San Diego Ant Exterminator

Ants often emerge in San Diego homes during the spring season, but they’re present on your property throughout the year. During winter months, they retreat to lay their eggs in hidden places throughout your house, only to come back in greater force as the weather heats up.

When it comes to ant control, San Diego residents need an ant exterminator they can rely on to manage the problem year-round. At Adios Pest Control, our professional technicians are always available to offer action, advice, and prevention tactics — so you get a holistic approach to pest management.

Don’t suffer another moment of ant infestation agony. Contact Adios Pest Control today or call us at (866) 955-7378 to banish ants for good!