Bird Infestations

Cost-Saving Solutions for Bird Problems

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Birds may cause great damage to homes. They can actually bring the same annoyance as any other household pests. They cause potential structural damage and carry infectious diseases in their droppings and nesting materials. When it comes to these problems, trust Adios Pest Control to provide bird control services and other effective solutions.

Problems with Pest Birds

Pest birds build their nests in ventilation systems, rooftops, and attics. What may start out as harmless habitation can eventually lead to more problems. Nests built in chimneys and ventilation systems can impede airflow and cause unfavorable consequences on your health—diseases can spread through the system, or worse, cause carbon monoxide poisoning. These can also start clogging drainage and gutter systems, causing collapsed rooftops and leaks. They may also cause fires, as birds use straws, twigs, and other flammable materials when making their nests.

Preventing Damage and Health Risks

We offer immediate assistance to get rid of bird nests in your property. We use nets, spikes, and other materials to secure critical parts of your property such as attics, rooftops, and gutters. You can also rely on our well-experienced team for inspections to make sure all parts of your home are free from droppings and nesting materials.

We use specialized treatments to clean bird droppings and nest materials for your safety and convenience. Our team will disinfect specific areas of your property to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from spreading and causing infectious diseases. With our bird control services, you can say goodbye to these pests before they start bringing more problems.

Call us today if you are experiencing bird problems in your property.