Cockroach Control

There are few things homeowners hate more than a cockroach infestation. Frequently in search of qualified and efficient cockroach control, San Diego residents despise these unattractive pests. Not only are they resistant to many do-it-yourself methods of removal, but cockroaches also carry a host of diseases and germs.

California homeowners may encounter five different species of cockroach — each just as repulsive and potentially dangerous as the next. They include:

  • The German cockroach
  • The American cockroach
  • The Brownbanded cockroach
  • The Smokybrown cockroach
  • The Oriental cockroach

The German and Brownbanded cockroaches are the most common culprits of home infestation. The Oriental, Smokybrown, and American cockroaches frequently live outdoors but are occasionally found in the home. These pests can live for up to a year, are capable of flight, and are incredibly robust. Although they’re usually nocturnal — hiding in tiny cracks and corners — cockroaches can become bolder during infestation, increasing their daytime activity.

While many people attempt self-removal methods, the hardy nature of cockroaches makes them tough to eliminate without skilled professional assistance. German cockroach control is particularly tricky, as these roaches can hide in cracks as small as 1.6mm wide.

If you see these critters scurrying in corners or along your walls at night, don’t delay. Call the professionals at Adios Pest Control, and stop them in their tracks.

From German cockroach control to pest prevention measures, and everything in between, Adios Pest Control is your go-to roach exterminator in San Diego. Our expert team is equipped to eradicate unwanted insects from your property for good.

San Diego Roach Extermination is a Requirement

Though the sight of a cockroach is enough to nauseate many homeowners, it’s worth noting that these pests are particularly dangerous because they represent a real health threat. The high reproductive rates and habits of cockroaches can lead to contaminated foods, allergies, and even asthmatic complications. Some species, such as the Brownbanded cockroach, can carry up to 33 different types of bacteria.

The risks posed by cockroaches mean that when you’re looking for a roach exterminator, San Diego homeowners need expertise. German cockroaches can transmit various disease-causing organisms such as Hepatitis, Streptococcus, coliform bacteria, and Staphylococcus. Many other species can cause allergic reactions, upsetting odors, and more.

At Adios Pest Control, our team of experts is trained and experienced in dealing with the particular challenges posed by cockroach infestations. We are committed to not only getting these pests out of your home but also preventing them from returning.

Cockroach control for San Diego homeowners is essential to maintaining a safe, comfortable, and healthy home. Don’t risk your family’s wellbeing. Contact us today at (866) 955-7378, or get in touch to schedule your inspection! Adios Pest Control provides comprehensive services, designed to defend you and your home.