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Coyote Control

Coyotes will often control and terrorize suburban animals like cats and dogs and have been known to attack humans in defense of their young. Coyotes are territorial causing them to attack and kill domestic dogs, and cats. We use the most current coyote trapping techniques, and block out methodsIf you have a coyote problem, contact us or give us a call to hire our professional coaching, or coyote removal services.

Coyote Identification and Description

Resembling a dog in many ways, coyotes can vary a great deal in color and even in size.  Although many references indicate that the original habitat for coyotes was the open grasslands and limited wooded areas, they have adapted over the years to thrive in nearly any environment from arctic to tropic in North America. Coyotes live in swamps, tundra, grasslands, dense forests and brush, in below sea level areas and mountain ranges. Amazingly, there are even high densities of coyotes that appear in the suburbs of major western cities.

Diet and Feeding Tendencies

Coyotes eat a myriad of different things, but rabbits are definitely at the top the list of their dietary components. Rodents, insects, livestock and poultry are also staples. Aside from other animals, coyotes are also known to consume fruits including watermelon, berries, and other vegetation when they are available. Since they are opportunistic and take food that is easy to find, coyotes even feed on human waste at dump sites and even prey on domesticated animals like cats and small dogs.

Damage Possibilities

They can pose a threat to the safety and health since they are known to frequent airport runways and residential areas, and can potentially carry rabies, which can be transmitted to humans.

When coyotes become a pest control problem on your property, it is important to find professionals in your area with a well established set of techniques for removal so that those who may come in contact with them are safe.