Weed Control and Removal at Your Service

Weed control specialists are available in San Diego County, Riverside County and Orange County.  Dandelions, ground ivy, and white clovers cause more damage than you can imagine. These plants are common enemies of homeowners; they cause unsightly patches on lawns and prevent plants and grass from flourishing. These persistent shrubs always seem to come back despite removing them every day. When all else fails, trust Adios Pest Control to provide the right solutions.

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Unparalleled Weed and Pest Removal Service

Adios Pest Control takes pride in having a team of highly skilled and experienced experts who can deal with lawn issues. Our weed control company offers a wide range of services to create the best defense for your turf. We also provide pest and rodent prevention for homes.

Getting rid of weeds isn’t exactly a walk in the park—a couple of wrong steps and you’ll find these unwanted plants in your lawn over and over. We use highly effective fertilization methods to make sure your lawn remains healthy, well maintained, and weed-free.

Safe and Effective Removal

Weeds grow throughout the year, though they grow most during summer. Tilling the soil may not always be effective; they’d most likely sprout again after a while, hogging the nutrients from the soil. We offer herbicides and other treatments to eliminate these weeds and prevent them from growing back. Our treatments are environment friendly and safe for use; they contain no harmful chemicals like other products.

Our team is also ready to provide advice. We work with great expertise and have the necessary licenses to conduct a thorough weed removal on your lawn. We also take time explaining the removal process so you can make well-informed decisions.

Call us at (866) 955-7378  to learn more about our weed control service.