Bird Clean-Up & Sanitation

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Cleanup of bird droppings

All affected areas need to be thoroughly cleaned of all droppings and residue. Proper bird cleanup is important to prevent health risks. Bird droppings are very toxic and can damage many surfaces.

Equipment and Chemicals

For the removal of droppings and sanitation of the surfaces, Adios Pest Control uses a wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitizing spray to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The spray is applied directly on bird droppings and bird nests to neutralize any harmful germs and enable safe removal of the waste materials.By completely cleaning the infested areas of the structure, you can eliminate the scent of their presence. All bird feces will be bagged and properly disposed of.

Breathing Protection

When performing any bird cleanup everyone should be using a respirator for health protection.

Protective Clothing

Disposable coveralls, gloves, boots and hats are worn by Adios Pest Control employees to protect personal clothing from contamination with infective organisms. We seal the glove/sleeve and boot/leg interfaces before entering the work site.

To protect the employees of your work place, it is required that employees keep clear of the work site during feces removal.

Call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 to get a bird control specialist to provide you an inspection and estimate.