Rodent Exclusion & Proofing

Rodent Proofing/Exclusion - Entry points in broken vents

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For a permanent solution, Rodent Exclusion & proofing is your best defense against rodents. The professionals at Adios Pest Control, Inc. perform a thorough inspection of your property to properly identify all potential entry points into your structure. Call our office today at (866) 955-7378 to schedule your free inspection.

Rodents will do everything in their power to gain entry into your structure, finding soft spots they can easily push or gnaw their way thru or open access points that freely allow entry. These very agile creatures can jump great distances, squeeze and flatten their bodies, and tunnel and chew thru many things to enter your home.

All the areas identified during our inspection are repaired and sealed by our expert technicians. This exclusion work may include: repairing broken vents to the attic or sub-areas, loose fitting doors and thresholds, burrows in the soil, work on the roof, and numerous other potential locations.

Call the best in South County , Adios Pest Control, Inc. at (866) 955-7378 for a Free in-home inspection and estimate.