Bird Spikes

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Bird spikes are incredible to permanently stop birds from landing in areas like roof tops, rain gutters, signs, building projections, trusses and beams, etc. Even with heavy bird pressure, you can gain some control using bird spikes. Our bird spikes are made from thin, stainless steel rods and U.V.-resistant polycarbonate base that are extremely durable and it is also the least conspicuous spike product on the market. Bird spikes are long-lasting, provides decades of maintenance-free protection.

Bird Spikes are Humane

Our bird spikes are blunted, preventing injury to birds or unsuspecting workmen. Bird spikes are a deterrent device to keep birds from certain landing areas. There is no poison or danger to the birds. Environmentally safe and non-lethal, nothing to rust or deteriorate.

Debri free

The bird wires are spaced 1.5 inches on center-far enough apart to repel pigeons, yet avoid entrapping debris.


Bird Spikes are easy to install. The base can be glued or screwed into place. The polycarbonate base can be easily cut or bent to accommodate different structural areas.


Once installed the clear polycarbonate base and stainless steel rods are hard to see. Providing an aesthetically pleasing bird solution for your home or building.

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