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How do I rodent proof my residence?

  • Repair or replace damaged ventilation screen around the foundation and under eaves.
  • No hole larger than ¼ inch should be left unsealed.
  • Provide a tight fitting cover for the crawl space.
  • Seal all opening around pipes, cables, and wires that enter through walls or the foundation
  • Be sure all windows that can be opened are screened and that the screens are in good condition.
  • Cover all chimneys with a spark arrester.
  • Make sure internal screens on roof and attic air vents are in good repair.
  • Cover rooftop plumbing vent pipes in excess of 2 inches in diameter with screens over their tops.
  • Make sure all exterior doors are tight fitting and weatherproof at the bottom.
  • Seal gaps beneath doors with a gasket or weather-stripping.
  • Install self-closing exits or screening to clothes dryer vents to the outside.
  • Remember that pet doors into the house or garage provide an easy entrance for rodents.
  • Keep side doors to the garage closed, especially at night.

Course steel wool, wire screen, and lightweight sheet metal are excellent materials to help you rodent proof your home.

 How do I spot a rodent infestation?

Inspect your yard and home thoroughly, if you answer yes to any of the following, you may have a rat problem.

  • Do you find rat droppings around dog or cat dishes or pest food storage containers?
  • Do you hear noises coming from the attic just after dusk?
  • Have you found remnants of rat nests when dismantling your firewood stack?
  • Does your dog or cat bring home dead rat carcasses?
  • Is there evidence rodents are feeding on fruit/nuts that are in or falling from the trees in your yard?
  • Do you see burrows among plants or damaged vegetables when working in the garden?
  • Do you see rats traveling along utility lines or on the tops of fences at dusk or soon after?
  • Have you found rat nests behind boxes or in drawers in the garage?
  • Are there smudge marks caused by the rats rubbing their fur against beams, rafters, pipes, and walls?
  • Do you see burrows beneath your compost pile or beneath the garbage can?
  • Are there rat or mouse droppings in your recycle bins?
  • Have you ever had to remove a drowned rat from your swimming pool or hot tub?
  • Do you see evidence of something digging under your garden tool shed or doghouse?