Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Have you begun to see unwelcome animal visitors turning up unexpectedly on your property recently? You’re not alone. Animals that we rarely saw outside of their natural habitats if we weren’t hunting or hiking have been sighted in records numbers in recent years.

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This can be a nuisance and keep you from enjoying your normal activities. But it can be even more than an inconvenience. The presence of untamed, non-domestic creatures in your own backyard can be dangerous and/or unhealthful. Adios Pest Control’s pest management team can make sure you aren’t bothered by animal intruders, domestic or feral, that encroach on your privacy.

Problems with vertebrate intruders is not something you should try to deal with on your own. All unfamiliar animals should be handled with extreme caution during removal, transport or release. The professionals at Adios Pest Control provide safe and humane way to remove live animals from your property. Adios specialists have had extensive training in the trapping and handling raccoons, skunks, bats, coyotes, foxes, feral dogs and feral cats and have all been immunized against rabies.

Handling unfamiliar animals is something that should be done by professionals. Adios will be pleased to assess your problem and offer a solution. Call us today to learn more.