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Rodent infestations are big problems for many of our clients. They breed fast and ruin the quality of life. 


Rodent control is highly important for residential settings and commercial locations. 

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Rodents pose many problems for homes. They damage and contaminate your environment. 

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We will provide a thorough inspection in and out of your home. Provide you with a written report and provide you a customized solution plan for you. We provide rodent trapping, baiting, exclusion and clean-up & sanitation services.

Rodent Problems?

Most commonly in southern California and surrounding areas, we encounter the common house mouse or roof rats. There are plenty of other species but these are the most common. The roof rats are very agile climbers and usually live and nest above ground in shrubs, trees, and dense vegetation. Roof rats are sleek, have a pointed muzzle, long ears, and are grey to white in color. When they invade structures, they are most often found in the attics, walls, false ceilings and cabinets. The house mouse is a vary adaptable animal, which thrives under a variety of conditions. They are found in and around homes, and commercial structures, as well as in open fields and agricultural lands. The house mouse is a nibbler and will sample many foods, but prefers to eat cereals and grains. They consume and contaminate food meant for humans, pets, livestock or other animals. In addition to damaging structures and property they can also transmit pathogens that cause disease, like salmonellosis (a form of food poisoning). 

Rodent exclusion is the best way to gain full control. Rodent control is highly important to control rodents from spreading disease.

Rodent Trapping

After a thorough inspection of your property, we then start with trapping on the inside of the structure. Placing traps in infested areas and routes of travel. These areas could be inside your home, or in your attic and garage. It is very important that the rodent proofing and exclusion get repaired immediately. If the openings that the rodents are coming in through are not sealed you will never gain full control.

Rodent Baiting

Rodent baiting is for the exterior only. It is a very bad idea to bait on the inside of your structure since you increase your chances of having a dead rodent in the structure. The smell of a decomposing carcass is very pungent and hard to deal with. Adios Pest Control baits on the exterior of the property to help reduce the rodent population on the exterior. This is turn will help reduce the chances of having new rodents enter your structure.

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Adios Pest Control offers a broader approach to protecting your home and property from bugs, birds and rodents than just eradicating them when they become a major problem.

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Having bees, rodents, ants, and other pests is terribly troublesome. They make living at home and working in the office uncomfortable as you hear strange suttling from the ceiling, attic, and other areas you do not regularly go to.

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