Structural Repair

Termite infestations are much more than just a nuisance — one of the biggest threats termites present to homeowners is the structural damage they leave behind. Termites compulsively consume wood throughout your home, leading to extensive problems in the structural integrity of your property.

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At Adios Pest Control, we not only remove these pests, but also offer termite structural damage repair services to help you restore your home after an infestation. Termite damage can extend from furniture to support posts, beams, ceiling and floor joists, and even wall studs. At its worst, it can leave your home unsteady and unsafe for your family to live in.

With our expert termite damage repair, San Diego residents can patch up their houses quickly, protecting their biggest investment and regaining peace of mind at home. We offer comprehensive reconstruction solutions for home, business, and rental properties — ensuring excellence all the way from the initial termite inspection services, to treatments and aftercare. Our team of experienced professionals conducts structural repairs, addressing everything from pest damage, to dry-rot and even fungus.

Unlike traditional pest management companies, at Adios Pest Control we not only diagnose and remove the problem, but also repair the damage — introducing long-term plans to lower your risk of a future infestation. With periodic inspections and careful maintenance, we can ensure the stability and strength of your home.

The Experts in Termite Structural Damage Repair

Termites can go undetected in your home for months, until obvious signs of damage begin to pop up. These pests conceal themselves within inaccessible parts of your home, consuming huge portions of wood. Unfortunately, termite damage isn’t covered by standard homeowner insurance policies.

Termites can infest new and old homes alike, leaving behind common signs — sagging floors and ceilings, traces of dust, piles of wings and wood corrosion. At Adios Pest Control, our expert teams include specialist carpenters, who work to revive your home after these wood-destroying insects have done their worst. Our comprehensive approach to pest control and treatment providing the termite damage repair San Diego residents need, after a destructive home infestation.

Adios Pest Control is not only committed to eradicating termites and repairing the damage they cause — we also provide risk prevention solutions, to help you protect your home in the future. Regular termite inspection services allow our experts to pinpoint signs of infection early, minimizing costly deterioration. We’ll provide you with two-part reports that outline damages present, and the potential for future loss; along with quick and effective solutions to address the threats immediately.

With Adios Pest Control, you get complete, reliable termite removal and protection services. Call us today on (866) 955-7378 to schedule an appointment, or arrange your free home inspection today.