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Weed Control for Your Home

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Weeds cause unsightly patches on your lawn. They hog available nutrients and water that keep grass and other plants from flourishing. Removing these unwanted shrubs isn’t exactly a thrilling experience. Finding and pulling out their roots can be tiring and stressful if you don’t have the proper tools and lawn treatment.

When it comes to these problems, you can rely on Adios Pest Control to provide solutions for your lawn and garden. We provide weed control services to keep your yard looking healthier without worrying about high maintenance costs.

Identifying the Problem

Different types of lawn weeds may emerge, but the most common often include dandelions, clovers, and ground ivy. Once we discover what plants are causing your problem, we will use the most appropriate treatment to eliminate them for good.

Applying Different Treatments to Your Lawn

Herbicides and other treatments are available to remove weeds. Our weed control services are environment friendly, safe and highly effective. They are your best defense against these unwanted plants. Different applications are available to prevent growth and eliminate fungi and other pests from your lawn.

We also have services to help improve water and nutrient movement, grass rooting, and soil compaction for a healthier and more beautiful lawn. Our team has the appropriate licenses to apply lawn treatments so you won’t experience any problems in the future.

It takes more than simple removal processes to keep weeds at bay. Contact our experts today to learn more about our services.