Live Bee and Swarm Removal

A world without bees would be very different to the one we live in today. These hardworking insects and their pollination habits are responsible for most of the food available in grocery stores, and much of the world’s natural beauty — but they’re not exactly welcome visitors in our homes.

With Adios Pest Control bee relocation, San Diego homeowners can safely remove colonies from their homes — without risk to themselves, or to the bees that are so essential to our environment. Our team of experts has years of experience perfecting live bee extraction methods, to ensure the complete removal of both the colony and hive.

We offer live bee removal, honeycomb relocation and repair, bee proofing and exclusion, and even wasp removal. Our team is highly experienced in extracting these insects from trees, decks, and other structures around your property — so you don’t have to run the risk of painful stings or dangerous colonies returning.

Need Bee Relocation in San Diego?

When it comes to live bee removal, San Diego residents require the expert caution and skill of professionals in bee extraction. That’s because some bee species are much more dangerous than others.

It can be difficult to distinguish the Africanized honey bee (otherwise known as the killer bee), from its native cousins. Because of this, homeowners should approach any swarm or nest found in southwestern states with respect and vigilance — and call in a team of professionals to handle the nest safely.

Once a colony is relocated, experts must open the remaining hive, to remove all traces of honey and honeycomb. If these substances are left after the bees have gone, they can begin to rot — producing strong odors that attract other pests like ants, wasps, and vermin. Leftover honey can also prompt neighboring bees to re-colonize the hive, bringing you right back to square one.

Adios Pest Control’s qualified and competent team will not only remove the initial colony, but extract the remaining honeycomb too, preventing further infestation. We can even repair the structural damage that hives leave behind. Call us to get a free estimate for live bee extraction.

If you’re ready to remove bees safely from your life, call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 to arrange your appointment with our bee removal experts.