Honeycomb Removal & Repair

Beehives should never be left inside your home.  They can cause damage to your structure, invite new swarms to settle in an old hive, and cause other pests such as webbing moths to infest your home if left inside.

In a beehive removal & repair service, an Adios Bee Removal technician will find the location of your structure where the honeycomb is located. For the beehive removal, the technician may need to cut holes in your walls, remove some roof tiles, or takBeehive Removal & Repaire apart other portions of your structure to access the honeycomb. Once the honeycomb has been completely removed the area is cleaned and our technicians paint over the portion where the honeycomb was attached to the structure. This masks the smell of the honeycomb and any pheromones that other bees may detect, even years later, to attract them to the former honeycomb site. Adios Pest Control will then seal the entry and make sure that bees can no longer get inside to create a new hive, giving you a piece of mind. We will then warranty the service for three (3) years in the same location. This will give you the piece and mind you are looking for in a company. Beehive removal is a specialized service and you want to only have a licensed and well trained technician provide this service for you. We have been in the business for over two decades providing beehive removal and extermination services.

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