Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and while some may be cute and fluffy, that doesn’t mean they won’t cause as much damage as their ickier counterparts. In fact, furry pests don’t only destroy your house and your yard, they can pose a threat to your health, too. Here are just a few of the main culprits to watch out for in and around your home.

Infographic displaying how pests can be a danger to your home

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Female raccoons makes dens in chimneys to bare their young. Not only can this devalue your home due to the damage, but you and your family could also experience health problems from the nesting materials and raccoon waste.


Squirrels can damage the inside of your attic by chewing through insulation and wires, and they can also destroy the exterior of your home. As more litters are born, the number of holes – or squirrel entry points – will increase.


These common creatures will burrow through just about anything, from your walls to your furniture, and will gnaw on your belongings to create nesting material. You hear them scratching in the walls or find their feces.


As well as attics and crawl spaces, opossums like to live under decks and sheds, where they cause a lot of destruction. These critters carry many diseases and pose added risk when they defecate and die on your property.


You may only associate them with their terrible smell, but skunks can do serious damage to your yard, too. These stinky critters will pull up your turf in search of food. They may also have a den under or around your property.


These little burrowers dig their living chambers and tunnels up to six feet underground. Their tunnels can extend a mile in length, which means it only takes one gopher to destroy your yard. They don’t hibernate, either.


Moles create little volcanoes of dirt that can affect the stability of the ground. They can dig one foot of tunnel per minute and eat half of their body weight in a day, so they can easily turn your lawn into a minefield of unsightly holes.

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