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Flea treatments are difficulty for homeowners, and the lack of quality products available to you just makes it worst. Control efforts are hard since flea pupas remain dormant when there is no movement in the structure or home. Fleas remain in the pupal stage until they know there is a blood meal or they will die within a couple days without. Fleas will detect pressure from being walked on or vibrations of a passing animal, and fleas also have receptors to detect heat and released carbon dioxide. Fleas can emerge within seconds of the first vibrations when the structure has been unoccupied for some time.

Preparing for a flea treatment

Vacuuming for fleas is important because it will remove fleas, eggs, larva and pupas. Vacuuming straightens the carpet enabling flea product to penetrate along with speeding the process of fleas hatching to come in contact with flea removal products. This also allows the pesticide to penetrate the carpet areas deeper.

Where did I get fleas from?

You can get fleas from wild animals passing thru or harboring in or close to your property. Animals such as skunks, racoons, and oppossums are among the most common. These animals like to get under desks and patios, into your crawl space, basements and attics. If you recently moved into a new place, the previous owner or tenant could have had animals with fleas. Once they vacated, they left the fleas behind who are now eager for a blood meal.

Preventing your pets from bringing fleas home.

Flea medication is highly important, do not allow any lapse in use just cause you think your pest is flea free and will staty that way. Maintaining this treatment year-round is imperitive to keeping consistent control without any outbreaks.

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