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Southern California is a high risk area for dry wood termite infestation in your homes. At Adios Pest Control we offer various options for treatment for dry wood termites. After one of our licensed and highly trained inspectors perform a complete inspection at your property we will be able to give you a written report detailing the damage and infestations you may have. When your structure has a large infestation where multiple colonies are in the same structure, we then recommend a fumigation or a whole-house heat treatment. We offer four year warranty on all fumigations done by our company!

Termite Fumigation with Adios Pest Control and Termite

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A whole-structure termite fumigation can ensure the elimination of destructive drywood termites, bedbugs, wood boring beetles and other wood destroying organisms from your home. Fumigation is a procedure using tarpaulins to cover and seal your structure allowing a fumigant to penetrate the wood timbers to destroy the termites. You may already have termites and not even know it. That’s because one of the survival methods of drywood termites is to conceal themselves in the inaccessible areas of your home – eating it from the inside out.

Signs you may have a drywood termite infestation include:

    • Discarded wings of swarming drywood termites may be foundin and around windowsills, light fixtures, attic, or in similar places where swarmers can exit a colony.
    • Little piles of pellets, called frass, can also be found in these areas.
    • Damaged wood that is severely blistered or sounds hollow when tapped.
    • Pin-sized holes in your walls and woodwork where termites “kick out” frass.
    • Live, swarming (flying) termites in your home.

Protect your largest asset, your home. The last thing you what to see happen is your house being slowly destroyed by termites. Because it is nearly impossible to locate all of the drywood termites in a structure, contact a professional licensed termite inspector from Adios Pest Control to accurately identify if you have a serious drywood termite infestation in your home. Beware of these fly by night companies that use inspectors that have only had a license a month or two, and they have no experience in performing local treatments! Trust the best, for over a decade we have fumigated over 15,000 structures around southern California!

If your home needs a fumigation our inspector will help you in preparing your home for fumigation.

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