Privacy Policy

Adios Pest Control is a company that believes in the importance of our clients’ security. We safeguard the information we collect from the visitors of our website, and use it only for the following reasons:

  1. to make it easier to record online inquiries, service requests, and comments about our company; and,
  2. to find out how we can further improve our visitors’ experience in using our website.

We collect names, telephone numbers, addresses, and other contact information from our visitors. This is to make sure that we provide prompt and convenient service for the pest management, control, and removal requirements you tell us through the Contact Us form and Live Chat software available in our website.

Our use of web analytics is constructed around the definition of Brian Clifton, writer of the 2nd edition of the Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. Clifton defines web analytics as “the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of internet data [sic] for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.” This means we gather data from every new or recurrent visitor who enters our website. We collect information about our users:

  1. IP address;
  2. IP address of referring website;
  3. Search terms from the search engine used;
  4. Web page where user may have clicked a link leading to, our website; and,
  5. Browser and computer platform information.

These pieces of information are used to help us improve our website so it can give clearer and more comprehensible information for our customers.

We use cookies to allow us to determine whether a visitor is a new or recurrent one. This helps us measure how effective our website is welcoming new visitors and how it can make them stay. It also allows what pages are effective in attracting frequent visitors back to our site. guarantees the safety of our users’ data of website use. We do not sell your contact details to any third-party websites, many of which are liable to send spam or spread harmful computer viruses. Our company also allows users to have a copy of their website data for complete transparency.

Call us for more information about’s privacy policy at (866) 955-7378. A hard copy of our privacy is also AVAILABLE AT REQUEST.