Heat Treatment for Termites

Are you searching for a pesticide-free solution to termite removal? Adios Pest Control offers heat treatment as an alternative to traditional fumigation. With a termite heat treatment, San Diego residents can avoid the chemical residue left behind by conventional fumigants and enjoy environmentally-friendly pest control.

Adios Pest Control heat treatments are the best pesticide-free option for drywood termite and bedbug extermination. If chemical solutions prove to be inappropriate, invasive, or inconvenient, our professional heat fumigation services will get the job done.

Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t extend to termite damage which is concerning for two reasons. First, drywood termites can go undetected in your home for 10 to 12 years. Second, they are highly destructive — even small colonies can devour a foot of wood in your home in a matter of months!

Though chemical fumigants are effective for extermination, they can also harm the environment. Adios Pest Control offers San Diego residents an impressive substitute in the form of heat treatments. Our skilled termite removal experts will conduct a full assessment of your property, and provide a customized plan for pre-treatment, spot treatment, and heat treatment — perfect for eco-conscious homeowners.

We Offer the Best Termite Treatment in San Diego

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation recommends only two forms of whole-house termite eradication: fumigation and heat. With termite heat treatment, San Diego homeowners can quickly and effectively eradicate termites without chemicals. Heat easily penetrates structural wood, and treatment can take less than a day to complete.

There are a couple of drawbacks to heat treatments, but here at Adios, we’ve come up with some quality solutions. Heat treatments can damage certain items in the home, which is why our experts are careful to remove those items from your property during the preparation stage. Heat treatments do not provide protection against future infestation as a one-time termite removal solution, but our trained specialists can help you create a long-term plan for protection, no matter your extermination preferences.

If you want a termite treatment that’s safe, reliable, effective, and pesticide-free, heat treatments with Adios Pest Control are your best bet. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at (866) 955-7378, or arrange for a termite inspection with our local team.