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Your Go-To Pest Control Services in San Diego

Take the ultimate step in protecting your home and lawn from pests year-round. Contact Adios Pest Control today, or call us at (866) 955-7378 to get started! We’re your San Diego Pest Control company!

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Adios Pest Control

When it comes to pest control services, San Diego residents need experts that can handle a unique range of problems. While there are many pest control companies out there, few have the expertise that allows them to handle nearly every type of pest — from bugs to birds to rodents, and more!

Adios Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services, provided by a highly experienced and certified team that’s available 24 hours a day. Our crew of dedicated professionals takes industry standards to the next level. We use natural solutions whenever possible, and introduce preventative pest control measures to keep your home free from uninvited guests year-round.

From regularly scheduled visits to on-demand services with a free 30-day guarantee, Adios Pest Control is one of the only pest control companies on the market to create a comprehensive, customized plan for pest elimination. Whether it’s taking care of simple lawn pests, dealing with rodent control, or removing ants and termites, we use proven methods to give you results, fast.

Our Services

Your Go-To Pest Control Services in San Diego

Bug control in San Diego is no laughing matter. San Diego’s warm climate is not only attractive to us humans, but also to a number of unwanted critters. Adios Pest Control can anticipate and prevent these problems.

We realize that San Diego residents often face unique rodent problems in winter, and frequent lawn and patio-based threats in summer. We know that different species of ant and termite can be a serious problem to San Diego homeowners, as they tend to burrow and chew through vital materials in your house — leading to structural damage. We know how to treat and prevent damage to structures and homes caused by pests. And we also know that black ant control and fire ant control require different extermination methods.


Ant Control

Ants can be very annoying, let the professionals eliminate them for you.  Our ant extermination specialists will rid your property of ants.

Bird Control

Our services include exclusion, bird baiting, bird spikes, custom bird netting, and many other repellant options to stop birds.


German roaches are the most common and the fastest growing population. Don’t let these dirty pests overtake your home. Call today!


San Diego has a large spider problem. Our most common spiders are Black Widows and Brown Widows, Cellar Spiders and Orb Weavers.

Bed Bugs

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! We offer many services for bed bug treatment in homes and hospitality. Call today for a quote!


Flies carry many diseases and can infect foods and transfer them. Our licensed techs have the knowledge to eliminate fly problems!



We have licensed staff to help catch and release these wild animals. Our services are humane and safe, and we are available 24/7/365.


These pesky rodents can cause a lot of damage to your yard. We trap and remove these cute rodents and relocate them.

We Have the Specialists to Handle Your Pest Problems Today!

Having bees, rodents, ants, and other pests is terribly troublesome. They make living at home and working in the office uncomfortable as you hear strange scuttling from the ceiling, attic, and other areas you do not regularly go to. They can also make having other people around inadvisable, as they might get scared or disgusted at the state of your property. Solve your woes about those pesky pests with help from Adios Pest Control, Inc. We have pest control technicians who specialize in handling different types of bees, termites, mice, and other species. Our staff is uniformed, licensed, and well-trained to deal with your pest concerns.

Adios Pest Control

Having bees, rodents, ants, and other pests is terribly troublesome. They make living at home and working in the office uncomfortable as you hear strange suttling from the ceiling, attic, and other areas you do not regularly go to.

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