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Don’t take chances with your family’s safety. The moment you see a beehive or wasp nest on any part of your property, call the experts for bee removal in San Diego at (866) 955-7378 to find out more!

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San Diego at (866) 955-7378

Despite their value to the ecosystem, bees are still pests that don’t belong at your home. At Adios Pest Control, we employ experts in bee management who are capable of a range of services, from live bee & swarm removal to honeycomb repair & removal to bee extermination.

Getting the bees away from your home is necessary to protect yourself and your family from painful stings. Whether you want the bees exterminated or simply out of your space, experienced exterminator and hive removal services can do the trick.

At Adios Pest Control, we know that fixing bee issues doesn’t stop at removal. We also clean the problematic area and clear away all traces of the hive to prevent future generations from returning and rebuilding the nest. From wasp removal to bee proofing and exclusion, our trained and certified staff can do it all. You don’t need to worry about sealing a gap in your property either; we’ll take care of those repairs for you.

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If you’re ready to remove bees safely from your life, call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 to arrange your appointment with our bee removal experts..

Live Bee & Swarm Removal

A world without bees would be very different to the one we live in today. These hardworking insects and their pollination habits are responsible for most of the food available in grocery stores, and much of the world’s natural beauty — but they’re not exactly welcome visitors in our homes.

Bee Exterminator

A bee exterminator is available now to give you a free estimate. Our bee exterminators are highly trained with years of experience performing bee extermination and removal. Call Adios Pest Control today for all your bee removal needs at (866) 955-7378.

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Honeycomb Removal

Beehives should never be left inside your home.  They can cause damage to your structure, invite new swarms to settle in an old hive, and cause other pests such as webbing moths to infest your home if left inside.

Need Bee Relocation in San Diego?

When it comes to live bee removal, San Diego residents require the expert caution and skill of professionals in bee extraction. That’s because some bee species are much more dangerous than others.

It can be difficult to distinguish the Africanized honey bee (otherwise known as the killer bee), from its native cousins. Because of this, homeowners should approach any swarm or nest found in southwestern states with respect and vigilance — and call in a team of professionals to handle the nest safely.

Once a colony is relocated, experts must open the remaining hive, to remove all traces of honey and honeycomb. If these substances are left after the bees have gone, they can begin to rot — producing strong odors that attract other pests like ants, wasps, and vermin. Leftover honey can also prompt neighboring bees to re-colonize the hive, bringing you right back to square one.

Adios Pest Control’s qualified and competent team will not only remove the initial colony, but extract the remaining honeycomb too, preventing further infestation. We can even repair the structural damage that hives leave behind. Call us to get a free estimate for live bee extraction.

If you’re ready to remove bees safely from your life, call the San Diego Bee Removal Experts!  Call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 to arrange your appointment with our bee removal experts.

How soon can you come?

If you’re ready to remove bees safely from your life, call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 to arrange your appointment with our bee removal experts.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee our services for Bee Removal 100%.  If any problerm arises, call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 and one of our bee removal specialist will arrange to fix anything.

How soon can you come?

If you’re ready to remove bees safely from your life, call Adios Pest Control at (866) 955-7378 to arrange your appointment with our bee removal experts.

We Have the Specialists to Handle Your Pest Problems Today!

Having bees, rodents, ants, and other pests is terribly troublesome. They make living at home and working in the office uncomfortable as you hear strange scuttling from the ceiling, attic, and other areas you do not regularly go to. They can also make having other people around inadvisable, as they might get scared or disgusted at the state of your property. Solve your woes about those pesky pests with help from Adios Pest Control, Inc. We have pest control technicians who specialize in handling different types of bees, termites, mice, and other species. Our staff is uniformed, licensed, and well-trained to deal with your pest concerns.